A PEACE strategy!


This morning as I’m driving down the road minding my business, caught up in my own internal thoughts, I see a police officer standing in the middle of the road I am driving on. He is pointing at me with his finger as he looks at the speed gun in his other hand. I am very happy to report that I did not run over the nice man standing in the middle of the road! I did slow down, roll down my window and stop to see what he might have to say to me about the speed gun…34 in a 25! Um, did I ever tell you that if you are going to speed it’s always best to get the most bang for your buck? There is really no need to go just a mile or two over the speed limit when they fine you the same within a range. Fortunately today I did not have to be concerned about the dollar amount within that range. He gave me a warning and told me to slow down. THANK YOU!!

So…why would I mention this here? Why do you care that I got pulled over and issued a verbal warning to slow down? Why would I find it blog worthy? Why would I want to tuck this story away so I can come back to it later?

Well, I just happened to be thinking about peace at the time. I just happened to be in a conversation with God about internal peace. I just happened to be thanking Him for the way He has my life ordered at the moment. I just happened to be thanking Him for the time to be home with my kids in the morning before school without being in a rush to get out the door myself. I just happened to be considering how to receive more of that peace so that I could pour it out onto my girls.

In steps the PEACE officer in the middle of my road telling me to SLOW DOWN! No fine! No condemnation! Just a clear message!

And if that weren’t clear enough…as I’m finishing up this post and pop over to Facebook…this is in my Newsfeed.

“Stress is not caused by what other people are doing or by circumstances. Stress is caused by the way that you think about it. Stress is caused when you take that situation and bring it inside. Peace is an equalizing pressure on the inside, so if there are a thousand pounds of pressure per square inch on the outside of me, peace can be a thousand and one pounds of pressure on the inside!” – Graham Cooke

Isn’t it amazing how clearly God speaks when we start to talk to Him?


4 thoughts on “A PEACE strategy!

  1. thiedeann says:

    So glad you only got a warning! Tell me it wasn’t Flower Mound PEACE officers. They usually aren’t the warning kind. But then again, God was in the mix. :0

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