High Quality…Do they know what that means?

I wonder if they make anything like they used to. Back in the day it seems like things were made to last. Today I find myself wondering if everything isn’t made to be disposable. I wonder if there is a computer chip inside every electronic device that is programmed to cause the thing to self destruct on a set date. Computers and phones don’t seem to work much past the date of the newest models release date. Have you noticed that?

Dishwashers and washing machines and refrigerators seem to be ticking time bombs and when one goes its like a domino effect. Maybe they have the same computer chip inside them and it communicates with any device within a 2000 sq foot radius.

And then there are softball bats….

Earlier this year I went thru the grueling task of purchasing a new Fastpitch softball bat. It was not as simple as going to the store and picking the right size and color. Hey! When I was in the 6th grade I picked my softball bat based on the color. In 2014 you not only have to find the correct length and weight, you also have to consider what type of material the bat is made of. There are aluminum bats, composite bats and half and half bats. Then you need to be sure it is approved for your league. Apparently different leagues allow different bats. There were four different softball associations with varying bat rules on the site I was looking at tonight. Oh and not only do you need to be concerned about the length and weight of your bat, the material its made of and the league you will be using it in, you also need to know the length to weight ratio your child needs. Once you have all those details figured out, you have 11 brands to choose from and a number of series within those brands. Oh, and there are closeout bats because a newer model of your favorite bat may have come out since you bought the one you love.

And these bats have warranties!

Do you know why these bats have warranties?

They have warranties because they are not made like they were in the good old days!!!

They have warranties because if any bat within throwing distance of the diamond becomes disabled, they have a honing device that causes the other bats to self destruct.

Do you know how I know this? I know this because tonight I found out that my daughters bat is “dead”. It is dead and so is another bat on our team of bats. BOTH less than a year old. BOTH composite bats. BOTH chosen for their high quality. :/

And the warranty is good as long as you have the original receipt…

Would you like to hear about my HIGH QUALITY titanium glasses?


One thought on “High Quality…Do they know what that means?

  1. thiedeann says:

    Argh. Sorry. I’m sure they’re a pretty penny as well.

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