Take these Kids

Last night I went to bed needing to be reminded by God that he’s got my kids lives in His hands. I needed to be reminded that no matter what the world throws their way He is bigger. I needed to remember that no matter what their journeys look like He is with them.

The enemy loves to throw fear daggers in my direction. He loves to use news stories and reports of dangers lurking in the shadows to get me all in a twist. He loves to get me to pondering all the what ifs with terrible endings as if those are the only options available. He loves to make me think the sky is falling and the earth is caving in before one choice has even been considered, much less made.

This morning He reminded me that the truth of Psalm 139 applies to my children.

He knows them…better than their own mom.

He knows their every move…even when their mom is not around.

He understands their thoughts way before they think them…even when mom doesn’t have a clue.

He knows the path they will travel…even the one their mom isn’t on.

He is acquainted with ALL their ways…every single one, mom.

He hears every word they speak…even the ones mom doesn’t hear.

He surrounds them…no need to hover, mom.

His hand is on them…even as mom is letting go.

These are all things mom could never attain…she is not HIM…it blows her mind.

They cannot run from the Spirit or his presence…even when they run from mom.

He is going to guide them and hold onto them no matter how high they jump or how far they fall…even when mom can’t.

Nothing is too dark for Him to penetrate with His light…even when mom forgets to shine.

He is the one who created them inside their mom…before mom could even hold them.

They are fearfully and wonderfully made by Him who is worthy of praise…mom can do that.

Every day of their lives was written in His book before they were even born…before mom even got a baby book.

His thoughts towards them outnumber the sand…even when moms thinker grows tired.

So this morning I will let them go, again. I will place them in His hands, again. I will seek His face and give Him my worries, again. I will ask Him to lead them down the paths He has for them straight into His arms. I will walk with Him on my path and let Him take care of them.


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