Stop, Drop and Jump!

She made her way to the edge and jumped. She thought that would be the last leap of faith she would need to make and it would be smooth sailing. She thought that jump would give her the wind beneath her wings to soar to new heights.

She forgot about the things that entangled her. She forgot about the things that weighed her down. She knew she would need to leave those behind as she jumped. She did not know how heavy those would become to a girl hoping to soar!

As her feet left the ledge she began to fly, but soon she discovered that the ground she left was getting closer. Soon she knew that gravity was too much for the things she had brought with her. Soon she discovered that her wish to fly was being hindered by the weights she carried and her feet touched the ground.

The ground was not the same as she had remembered. The grass was not as green. The flowers were not as bright. The dirt was hard and rocky. Soon she realized she had not touched down where she had been before the jump. The first jump had set her on a new course. Although she had not been able to soar for long because of the things she held onto, she had soared. She had felt the wind beneath her wings. She felt the wind blow thru her hair. She was far enough from the original jump that she could not go back. To go back was no longer who she was. She had tasted the adventure.

She knew she must fly again. She knew this time she must let go of the things she carried that had pulled her down. She looked up. She faced forward. She saw another ledge.


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