Music Monday: Thru the Screen

I had not planned to blog about Voice of the Apostles this week, but its on my mind and heart so why not? I got to go to VOA 2013 and VOA 2014 begins today and I’m not there. I had hoped to be but I’m sitting here watching YouTube videos from previous years. I decided this morning that if I can’t be there the next best thing will be to have my own personal VOA. There are plenty of messages posted from previous years that I haven’t seen. This year’s evening messages are available by Live stream for free at this link. It won’t be the same as being there with other people in person, submerged in the atmosphere of that place, but I’ve decided that He can and will meet me right here in my home office If I invite Him to.

Since it is Music Monday here on my blog, I thought I’d post some Steve Swanson for you. This man knows how to usher in the Presence of God and lead a room full of sold out worshippers into the Thrown Room of God. This video was made at a worship session he led at VOA 2012. I hope you enjoy worshipping with him as much as I did last year. Who knows, I may even break out my worship flag.

If you’d like a taste of the messages you could hear at VOA head on over to You Tube and type in Global Awakening, Voice of the Apostles, Randy Clark, Bill Johnson or Heidi Baker. That should get you started! 🙂

I’ll be in my office if you need me. I can’t promise I’ll answer your calls, but that is where I’ll be. 🙂


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