I am slowly returning to the land of the awake after attending an all night softball tournament for my daughter. This was the first one we’ve ever done and I thought I’d share some observations and things I learned.

– Head coaches begin to speak in unrecognizable languages by about 11:45pm.
– The ability to speak in clear and cohesive sentences evaporates around 3:00am.
– Hallucinations begin to take effect about day break and softball players wearing black uniforms covered in dirt look like Native American Indians.
– Rage players have more stamina than their competitors and begin to win games when the others begin to fall asleep about day break.
– A 1 hour nap at 7:00am after being awake all night is not as fulfilling as a 1 hour nap in the afternoon after a good nights sleep.
– It remains impossible to recall a parents name after being up all night even if you go thru the entire alphabet reciting first name possibilities.
– Nonsensical humor does eventually wear off.

Disclaimer: Some observations may only make sense at 3:00am!


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