But I read the Map

My daughter texted me today to ask if she could go with some friends to get yogurt. That was fine. The only problem was that I was also going to have to pick her up from said yogurt shop at an unspecified time in a town I am not real familiar with. I’d never heard of this yogurt shop and the original name she gave me was a little off from the real one. That one was in California.

Any of you who know my record for driving in unfamiliar territory will not be surprised to hear that I went 5 miles off course before turning around to get to the yogurt shop. Yes, I own a handy-dandy smart phone with a friendly navigator but I had looked at a map on the computer and decided I could do this without her.

How many times have you looked at a map and then headed out and ended up lost even though you had clear and accurate directions? I tend toward being lost when I’m driving without a navigator. Heck, I can manage to get lost with a navigator but it’s far less if I am paying attention.

It occurs to me that I’ve got a map with some pretty clear instructions for life but if I don’t stay plugged in to the Navigator I can get lost even though I’ve read it all my life.

I read today that 60% of Christians don’t believe in the Holy Spirit. That is mind-boggling to me and if you are one of them I’d urge you to go back and spend some time in His word. I’d urge you to take a closer look at that book you use to navigate your life. The Holy Spirit actually inspired each of the writers of that book. Go take a look at what Jesus said about him. You might just find out that you’ve tried to understand the map without plugging in to the Navigator.


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