Heavenly Name Calling

What is your name? Does it have a special meaning? Does that meaning fit who you are? How does it make you feel when someone calls you by your name?

Do you have a nick name? How did you get it? Is it honoring or was it given to you because of a perceived flaw?

My grandpa’s nickname was Sleepy. I don’t know if he slept so much because people called him that or if they called him that because he slept so much. It was a long time before I realized that was not his real name. 🙂

I’ve thought back to any nicknames I may have had as a child or otherwise and don’t recall any. I do remember being part of a softball team named the Goobers. We named ourselves that after the chocolate covered peanut candies. I’m really thankful my daughter isn’t playing on a team called the Goobers. She plays for the Rage which sounds much more fierce and legitimate. Although, if she develops anger issues I may have to do some negotiating for a name change. 😉

Several years ago, probably six and a half, a very dear friend of mine introduced me to the idea that God has a name for me. She had been introduced to this idea at a retreat and brought it back to share with her friends. She told us if we would ask Him how He sees us, He would respond. My receiver seemed to be broken and it took a while for me to “hear” Him. I had decided what He would sound like and stopped the flow of His voice to me. I’m still working on that one, but in February 2010 I finally knew what He thought of me. I finally knew what He was calling me. I finally had an answer. I was “becoming” and still am to this day and He loves that about me. He loves that I am on a journey to become more and more who He designed me to be. He didn’t call me arrived. He didn’t call me His perfected. He called me becoming.

I find myself drawn back to that word in this season of my life. It is a word that has followed me since the day it was spoken. Some days I want to be called arrived. Some days I get down on myself because I cannot be called perfect. Some days I want to be more than I am. Every day I want to look more like Him. And then He reminds me…not yet…be where you are…be who you are…be on the path I placed you…becoming is a process that will always be unfolding. I like that He wanted me to know He likes that about me. I like that He wanted me to know when He says that of me He says it with love in His eyes.

What about you? What does He call you? Have you ever asked Him? Do you want to know? He wants to tell you! He only has good, kind and loving things to say about you! Give it a shot! It could change your whole perspective.

I promise He will only call you by the most honoring, life-giving of names.


2 thoughts on “Heavenly Name Calling

  1. thiedeann says:

    I like this. I like this a lot. Think I’ll start asking.

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