FMF: Peace Invadors

5 Minute Friday

Ready, set, go!

I’ve been home this week. Not my home as in the place I live with my immediate family. Home as in the town I grew up in visiting my parents and step-parents.

I was introduced to the movie Anne of Green Gables. I got to see the latest movie based on a comic book and enjoyed the most tasty burger at Grubs Hamburgers.

But my favorite part of this trip has been relaxing in the swing chair in my dad’s backyard.

I could have sat out there for hours. The weather is beautiful!! The Mosquitos were not beautiful. Pesky little things.

It’s amazing how something so tiny can buzz in and spoil something so peaceful. It might have been okay if just one had entered the space, but not a whole swarm of them.

What tiny things are invading your peace?



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