What’s that Noise?

I have started and stopped a post a couple of times this evening. I began writing while I was sitting outside the Starbucks in Hurst and deleted what I wrote. I drove to the Barnes & Noble because I decided 2 hours was a little too long to sit out in my car waiting for a youth event to end. I wanted to read anyways so what better place to go?

I started working on my post again, but the noisy reader next to me was entirely too distracting. I don’t know what she ate or what she was reading, but something was definitely going on over there that was entirely too noisy for a reading and writing corner.

I’m home now and it’s just too late for the post that was on my mind. It’s a post I’ve pondered for a couple of days with little success in putting it into words on a page. Maybe these thoughts are just for me this time.

Or maybe its still percolating…hey, maybe that is what that woman was doing next to me…percolating.




One thought on “What’s that Noise?

  1. I think it’s possible I may have experienced this same woman at this same time of day. She talked as she dialed her phone. She clanged the plate on her table. She talked loudly on her phone. She moved her chair loudly. She chewed loudly. She talked to herself. Then she got on her bike and rode away. While I waited for Bryan at CTF, she rode her bike past me. I felt the same way as you. Noise. I like quiet.

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