Foodies and Mountaneers

5 minute Friday. 6 minute Saturday.

Okay, I can do this!

7 minute Sunday…Ready, set, go!

No, I can’t think of anything original today so once again I’m stealing the idea for Five Minute Friday from my friend Kayla and altering it to fit Sunday.

I do have some more thoughts about mountains but I don’t have them formulated well enough to blog about them yet. They are still in the cooker. It’s interesting that is where they are at the moment since I was at the store buying ingredients to cook with when they first popped into my mind.

It is also interesting that we are even talking about cooking at all. I nearly took a picture of my dinner tonight to prove that I am on my way to being a foodie. I took a survey and scored a measly 44%. I did learn that one sign that you are a foodie are the pictures you post of your food. I wonder if anyone would be tricked into believing that if I started posting more food pictures?

Do they need to be pictures of food you actually cook?

Hey! Maybe I could drag a camp stove up mountain and take a picture of the food I cook on it in the great outdoors. I’ve actually been on a mountain climbing trip where we packed in our food. I could so do that!

And that is how you say absolutely nothing about food and mountains in 7 minutes.

You can thank my blog challenge peeps for this post! 🙂

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