To Cast or Climb…That is the Question

What if we aren’t supposed to cast every mountain we come to into the sea? What if we are supposed to climb some of them? What if the only way to have a “mountain top” experience is to actually climb a few of the mountains in front of us? What if Moses had cast the mountain in front of him into the sea? What if Elijah hadn’t climbed the mountain? What if Jesus hadn’t climbed the mountain?

Yes, I know I need to be taking authority and casting some mountains into the sea and be rid of the darn things. We established that yesterday. Maybe I’m talking about apples and oranges here. Or maybe, just maybe there is more about these mountains that God wants me to consider.

It did occur to me tonight during worship that you don’t get to have mountain-top experiences without climbing some mountains. You don’t get to the top by circling them OR casting them into the sea. It was actually an exciting thought to think that if I would just start climbing, there might be a mountain-top experience waiting for me that I had no idea was coming.

I think while I’m considering that I’ll just close my eyes and remember all the mountain-tops I’ve been on with Him in my life.

That sounds like a great way to fall asleep tonight, actually!


One thought on “To Cast or Climb…That is the Question

  1. G says:

    We are so busy praying for the pain to be over, for our own comfort……. we lose the object….. LEARNING!

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