Invaluable Partnership

Does your life matter? Do you have an important part to play? Do you think God cares if you are listening to Him and acting on the things He places in your heart to share with others? If He communicates directly to His people then do we really need anything but a relationship with Him and His word? If He is going to talk to me and direct my steps then isn’t He all I really need?

While you are thinking about your answer to those questions take a look at this scripture. It’s rather lengthy so I’ve attached a link to Bible Gateway if you don’t have a bible handy.

Acts 10:1-48

This is the story of a man named Cornelius who was told by an angel to send for Peter who would give him instructions. While the men that Cornelius sent to fetch Peter where on their way, Peter received a vision from God. While Peter was pondering the vision, the Spirit told him to go with the men. He went with them not knowing why he was going or what he would say to them, just that God had told him to go. Once there, Peter knew exactly what God wanted him to say and Cornelius and his household and a whole group of people would be forever blessed.

Several questions came to mind while I was reading this passage the other day.

Why didn’t the angel that was talking to Cornelius just go ahead and tell him what he wanted him to know? Why did he choose to involve Peter when he could have just told Cornelius himself? It would have saved a few steps. What would have happened if any one of the people involved had refused to act? What would have happened if any one of them hadn’t trusted God completely with their part of the story? What would have happened if any of these people had refused to take part in community with the others? How valuable was each of their personal relationships with God to the other people in the story?

What about today? What about me? What about my relationship with Him? What about my relationship with others? I’ve got Him. I’ve got my bible. I’ve got community. How are those stories meant to fit together? Am I playing my part? Am I acting on the parts of my story meant to communicate His words to those he sends my way?

I know my life has been blessed by others who heard His voice and shared the things He placed on their hearts for my life. Am I partnering with Him in the same way?

I don’t know why He chose to do it this way when He could just speak the whole story directly to each one of us, but He did. I don’t know why…but I am thankful!




One thought on “Invaluable Partnership

  1. thiedeann says:

    Good stuff, Laurie. Good thoughts, good and valuable questions.

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