Shopping with Sparky!


This post goes out to Sparky Nation. This is the famous commissary our beloved leader so lovingly posts about from time to time. It is all she says it is and more! It may look like any other grocery store, but it has characters inside it. You really could get run over by a gray haired lady on a mission in that store.

I’ve also never seen a grocery store where people were shucking the corn right there in the produce section. The corn was placed at the back of a little cubby hole and from the outside looking in I wondered for a minute if it was Black Friday and there was an incredible sale on corn.

I got a little nostalgic while in the store. Something about it reminded me of my Grandma Parker the minute I stepped inside. I don’t know if it was the age of the patrons, the Brach’s candy bin or the olive loaf in the meat counter but something about it sure made me miss my Grandma.

I’ve now been on a shopping trip with Sparky to the Commissary. She really could charge admission.


2 thoughts on “Shopping with Sparky!

  1. Lisa says:

    Maybe I should form expeditions and safaris to the commissary.

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