Life is like a Pot of Coffee

You can learn a lot from a coffee pot.

We’ve owned a Keuriq for a couple of years and love the simplicity of turning it on, popping a pod in the top, pushing a button and bam, coffee!

This week we met up with a Cuisinart!


Um, you don’t just put the beans in the top and turn it on. You have to have ALL the parts in place first. That was our first attempt. It would be the 3rd day before we finally made that perfect pot of coffee on the first try.

Yes, we had all the information to make a perfect cup the first time. We were given detailed instructions down to ounces and grams. We were told what to do by the owner of the pot and then left to fend for ourselves.

And the first thing we did with that freedom was make a mess. So, we cleaned up the mess and began again. Perfect pot. The next morning we set out to make another perfect pot. No mess but a very weak pot. Far less than perfect. This time we forgot to use all the parts we had been given. So, we put it all together and re-measured the grams and hit the button and…perfect pot.

We are now on our final day alone with the pot and have been making a perfect pot every day.

Isn’t life pretty much like that? We are given clear instructions and then set out on our own. We have the choice to listen and follow or not. We can make a mess or not. If we make a mess we can always clean it up and start over as many times as we want.

Life really is more like a Cuisinart than a Kueriq. How many things in your life come in a pod?


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