Day 6: Back to the Beach


We headed back to Henderson Beach State Park today. It was beautiful as you can see. With the long line of cars we saw headed into Destin this evening I’d say we better get to the beach early this next week if we want a primo spot. If you are in this area you might want to pay the $6 fee for this beach. It’s nice and clean and the entrance fee keeps it from being super crowded.

Celebratory Lunch…Party On!


This was the birthday celebration lunch. I really do love having a summer birthday. Vacations make for really fun birthday celebrations. I think I will plan all vacations the last week of June for the duration of my journey!

My birthday was yesterday but since we were a bit water logged after a day in the sun we decided to celebrate today at The Boathouse Landing. It was worth the wait for hush puppies with strawberry butter, stuffed shrooms, a delicious mahi mahi shrimp dish and a scrumptious Bloody Mary.

And the whole family dressed up a little and put on their best smiles for a photo shoot on the bay. I love these peeps!

Day 5: Not Too Old


You see all those fun things in that picture? Add a diving board and a high dive platform and you have all the fun things we did today at Vortex Springs in Florida. The water is a constant 64 degrees (I think) year round thanks to a natural spring that feeds it. That is a bit chilly but didn’t slow any of us down.

This 46 year old mother of two participated in everything there was to do including the swing and the high dive…except for the dive part. We will see if the 46 year old plus a day is able to move in the morning. 🙂