FMF: I Finally Get to Join the Party!

Five Minute Friday…Ready Set…Go!

Here we go! I had a great week while the girls were at camp. I did a little relaxing, a little reading, a very tiny little bit of laundry…comparatively, I received prayer and ministered prayer, I dated my handsome fella and shared a chocolate brownie desert and I saved a fish. Pretty good for a weeks worth of work, huh?

Today I picked the girls up after a week of camp and had all the laundry basically done before they even woke up from a nap. I survived a trip to Wal-Mart with the other people there. I do wonder where you go to buy clothes to wear there. I always feel so incredibly over dressed when I go.

The girls are all re-packed and ready for another set of summer adventures. This time they are allowing the parental units to join them. I guess that is only fair since we will be the ones to drive them to the beach and the river and the springs. Yes, we have some fun adventures planned over the next couple of weeks.

I hope to continue my blogging streak, but it may be back to the picture and a sentence blogging until after vacation.

See you peeps tomorrow!


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