It’s Not Just A Name

Have you ever wondered if God cares about the details? Have you ever been disappointed about something in your life and given it to God but didn’t really give much thought to what He would do with it because it was such a small thing in the grand scheme of the world order? Have you ever thought He just cared about the big things that affect a large group of people? Have you ever thought He couldn’t possibly care about your little thing? Have you limited Him from answering some of your “smaller” prayers because of that?

Life is full of victories and disappointments. The past two years of my life seem to have been packed with a fair amount of both. When you decide to seek Him and follow Him wherever He says…buckle up! I’m here to tell you it wont be a bed of roses. Just because you follow where He leads you doesn’t mean He is leading you to a cruise ship where you will kick your feet up and drink fruity drinks all day and kick your heels up all night. Just because you follow Him doesn’t mean you will be sitting on easy street. In fact, He may be leading you somewhere that is going to challenge you. He may be leading you somewhere that is going to test your faith. He may be leading you somewhere that is going to shine a light on some things in you that you didn’t really want to see.

One of the disappointments for this season for me included the realization that my children’s spiritual journey is not going to look like mine did at their age. I know that may not come as a surprise to any other parent on the planet, but it did this one. I had a pretty good idea of what their spiritual journey would look like and it included the best parts of my journey at their age. It included my favorite church camp, Encounter. Believe it or not, that camp is still going strong after ALL these years. Of course it is, it was and still is an incredible place for teens to grow in their knowledge and love of God. This summer would have been my oldest daughter’s first year to attend. In fact, this week would have been. I’ve had to let go of that dream. We don’t attend a church that attends that camp and our funds are limited to the number of camps we can send our children to. Plus, we want them to be engaged where we are and with the kids they are growing up with. But this mama still grieves some of the traditions that our break from tradition have cost.

So, what does this have to do with God and the details of our lives? A WHOLE lot! Last Friday night during worship my Pastor stopped and encouraged anyone who was carrying a disappointment to bring it to the altar and allow God to exchange it for Hope. I did just that. I carried my disappoints to Him that related to my children. I carried my disappointments related to lost traditions and how I perceive those have affected my children…whether they really have or not. I received a touch of Jesus from a tiny little altar minister and a hug from HIM.

Then this week He pointed something out to me that would prove He does care about those disappointments. He does care about my heart. He does care about the small details that seem so minor in the grand scheme of things.

My daughters went to camp this week too. They didn’t go to Encounter at Lubbock Christian University. They didn’t go to the one I thought they would always attend. Their journey looks different from the one I traveled at their age. It should. It is THEIR journey. This week they are attending a camp that, unless God changes our course and leads us in a different direction, will be their Middle School and High School summer church camp experience. They are at a camp that God planned for them to attend on their journey. This week they are at Encountering God’s Presence camp.

Did you see that? Did you see how God took care of my heart? Did you see that small detail that whispers “I care”?

What about you? What do you care about that you may have decided is too small? What disappointments are you carrying around? He cares!