Finding Nemo’s Friend

I performed a rescue operation today. I had no idea when I started out the day that is what I would be doing. It wasn’t even anywhere on my radar, but it happened. In my house. In my fish tank.

A couple of months ago we turned off the pump on our fish tank that sits in our kitchen. The last fish had died. I haven’t been real successful at keeping fish so I decided maybe it was time to give up. I noticed last week that funk had begun to take over the water that remained in the tank and decided today would be a great day to tackle the job of cleaning out the tank to place it in storage, otherwise known as Justin’s garage. 🙂

Since I was pretty sure I would be wise to call in Hasmat to do this job, I pulled my t-shirt up over my mouth, put on a rubber glove and began scooping the toxic water out of the tank.

This is what I discovered hiding out in there! No filter! No food! No company for at least two months! He’s alive and incredibly hard to catch! Whatever he had found to survive off gave him a super speedy back stroke!


I didn’t have any plans to put the tank back together after I cleaned it out. I had already decided that if we did restock the tank, I would wait until after our upcoming vacation. There is a part of me that wonders if this little fella could survive in this plastic cup until we get back. He has survived in much worse. Of course he is now in fresh water. Who knows what was growing in that other water to keep him alive for so long. :/

The blue rocks on the bottom of the tank seem to be leaching their color into the water, so I am off to grab a new bag of rocks, a new filter and some good fresh water for this little guy. If he can survive until we return from vacation I will get him some new friends and see if I can’t keep them alive. A fish this resilient really does deserve a good home.




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