The Day after Friday

Six minute Saturday…because Friday came and went without a post.

Ready set…Go!

This has been a wonderful couple of days.

Last night the handsome fella and I got to enjoy the first Worship Night at our new church, Catch the Fire DFW. It was a wonderful evening of worship and ministry. Have you ever experienced little children being tought to prayer for others and then being given the opportunity to actually pray for the adults standing at the altar for prayer? It was heart warming and powerful. Those precious little hands and hearts can impart the Father’s love like you wouldn’t believe.

Tonight I got to pick my youngest up from a week at church camp. It was great to see her smile when she got off the bus and began sharing her experience with me. That girls smile is contagious. I sure miss it when she isn’t around to share it with me. I was fortunate to get to see pictures posted by the counselors throughout the week, but there is nothing like seeing that smile in real life.

Did I mention Friday night? Oh, the timer just went off so I’ll have to share more about that another time.

Catch you peeps tomorrow…unless I don’t because I’m busy stealing hugs before the next van full of kids leave for camp with my two beautiful girls in tow on Monday.