Life is like a Room of Boxes?

Do you live your life in compartments? Do you have cubby holes and shelves for all your knickknacks? Are your closets and rooms and wallets and purses neatly organized or you wish they were?  Does your food touch on your plate? Do you eat it all at once or one item at a time? What about your thoughts? Are they neat and orderly or a jumbled mess? What about your spiritual life? Does it exist in a vacuum or spill over into the rest of your life? Or, does the rest of your life spill over into your spiritual life? Do you have compartments within your spiritual life where everything has a time and place or do you allow it to flow freely? Do you live a cross your t’s and dot your i’s kind of life or do you just hope for the best? Do you walk by the Spirit or the flesh?

Those are the questions that came to mind this morning while I was drinking my coffee and thinking about how to live a life outside of a box. I think at some point, if we are honest, we will all figure out that we have put some things in boxes that never belonged there. We live compartmentalized lives and I’m not sure we were ever meant to live that way. I wonder if it’s an American way of living life or just human nature? Do we do it because we really don’t know who we are outside our boxes? Do we do it because we don’t know where we fit, so we are trying to fit everywhere? Do we just not want to be known so we put on the mask that fits the contents inside each well-defined box?

A couple of days ago I mentioned I’d been pondering community. While I was pondering that I started looking at my Facebook friends list and the different communities in my life they represent. There were nine different communities represented in the likes on just one of my comments and more if I dug deeper into the relationships within some of those groups. That represents a lot of different boxes all under one “roof”. That could create a big fat mess if you aren’t being your true self in front of all of them. That could create a lot of anxiety if you are trying to keep all your masks straight. That could create a problem if you are trying to keep the contents of all your boxes from touching each other.

You know…Facebook has its pros and cons but it looks to me like it is a pretty good place to practice being authentic no matter how you order your life or which community you are interacting with on any given day.