A little more about moving from glory to glory. I love it when things others are writing hit on the heart of what I’m pondering. Thank you!

the beautiful due

Don’t think of it as linear because god knows it’s anything but straight.
But let’s say you’re at point A, wondering what to do, where to go next,
who to become. And point D (although you can’t see it) is the job tailor
made for you or the person you’d die for or the place where you can best pray.
In order to arrive at point D you’ve got to pass through points B and C.
Now B and C may be horrible, in fact they may cause you to renounce God
or at least your cultural version of God (which is really quite tepid by the way). 
But listen, you can’t arrive at D until you’ve lost your baby fat. You just can’t.
Now you can ‘get’ to D by taking shortcuts (otherwise known as hating yourself)
but the only way to fully enjoy D is to ‘arrive’ –…

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