Four months

If y’all don’t already follow my friend over at Hey Sparky you really are missing out. This is a good example of why. Don’t short circuit yourself or others and remain little scardy-fish! Not when you are on your way to beautiful!

Hey Sparky! What Time Is It?

Remember this guy?

Baby Boy Betta Baby Boy Betta

That photo was taken four months ago.  He was just a baby when I got him.  He had little color, his fins were short, and he was prone to panic attacks, which is why he’s got stripes in this photo.  Before him I didn’t know that little bettas got all stripy when they get freaked out.  I guess it’s the betta version of wetting one’s pants.

Fast forward to today.  That stripy little baby betta has become this:


This is Leonard.  In some angles he has bright turquoise coloring; in others—most others, actually—he is a deep rich royal blue.  He always has that lovely band of golden finnage known as “mustard gas” coloring.  He is gorgeous.

When I first got him I had no idea what he’d look like in four months’ time.  Even when he wasn’t wetting his pants he was still rather drab, with just…

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