Every Day or Seven

The challenge is to blog daily and I accepted the challenge. I renew that agreement every week since it is a weekly challenge and there isn’t any rule that says you have to take part but you do put your hat in the ring each week if you want to. I always want to. I’d be scared to go back by week to see how many weeks I’ve actually successfully done what I’ve agreed to and blogged every single day. It’s always my intention but not always what happens.

This week I’ve doubled up a couple of days and with this post will have successfully blogged 7 times. My blog is set up with Monday as the first day of the week so while the challenge officially begins on Sunday, my personal challenge begins on Monday and ends on Sunday.

I’ve really enjoyed seeing what some of my blogging peeps have been up to the past couple of weeks. There have been proposals and marathons and all sorts of other things that make life fun and exciting. Some even make me smarter…or at least challenge me in that direction. There have also been sad moments shared in this group which is also part of life. I’m beginning to accept that you just can’t brush past those parts of life and call it life. It really is about all the highs and lows no matter how much we’d like to escape the painful parts. And whether written or unwritten we’ve all experienced the wordless moments.

So to my fellow Sparky peeps, keep writing. Keep sharing. Someone in this world is waiting to hear from you. Someone in this world cares about what you have to share. Your stories matter. You matter!


2 thoughts on “Every Day or Seven

  1. Khadija says:

    Motivated me!!

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