Eye Strain

I woke up this morning thinking about focus. What do I need to focus on today, tomorrow, next week, this summer? There are many things I think about but where do I need to focus? My mind really does race from one thing to another with incredible speed some days. I’m pretty sure there are days when I don’t think anything much is going on up there and it’s just because it’s a blur and I can’t keep up. I actually know that’s true because when I sit still to just rest I can’t. My mind usually won’t let me.

I know it’s time to focus. I know it would do me good. I know it would do my family good. I know part of that is refocusing. Part of that is setting some goals. Part of that is planning. With the number of things rushing around up in there it’s hard for me to land on just one.

Because of my lack of focus I’ve developed a really bad habit…Facebook. Because when you can’t focus it must be time to see what all your friends are up to. It must be time to check out what some anonymous person in an office somewhere has posted for your favorite author. Don’t you think that happens? I’m not convinced the authors and speakers are really the ones sitting behind the computer doing those updates. Surely those people are off somewhere actually living their lives.

I wonder what Google has to say about focus?

“We become what we think about all day long.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The mind moves in the direction of our currently dominate thoughts.” – Earl Nightingale

“As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” – Jesus Christ

These were just a few of the many quotes I found on a website created to make you successful. There were some great thoughts on there. Most of them sounded really good. But it seems to me they are just a first step. They are about focusing that thing between your ears. Not much you can do without it. But what if that is all you do? Do you really become that thing you are focused on if that is all you do…stare?

I know I don’t want my life to become a series of status updates or quotable quotes or still photos or mindless games. I want to actually be living out the things that make Facebook meaningful to people. I want to live out the relationships that made a place like Facebook worthwhile to begin with. I want to live those still photos in 4D, living color and action. I want to do the things my favorite authors and speakers write and talk about. I want that for me and my family.

When I write on my blog I want it to come from a place of experience not just something I’ve read or heard about.

So…where do I need to focus?

I want to focus where it matters.

I want to focus in the direction I am headed…or want to be headed.

I could keep focusing on Facebook, but that isn’t getting me where I want to go. It isn’t serving me as well as I think it is. It isn’t serving my relationships as well as I think it is. It is fun…sometimes. It tells me a bit about what my friends are doing. It gives me good things to think about. Some days it frustrates the living daylights out of me. Some days it makes me wish for things that don’t belong to me. And then I look away from it at the world in front of me and wonder what happened to all that time that I could have been living.

That second quote is very true where me and Facebook are concerned. It’s my last thought at night and my first thought in the morning. If I wake in the night I want to see what happened after I went to bed. This has to stop.

No, I’m not planning to give up Facebook. It still has value in my life. I am encouraged on there. It is a tool in my life for building relationships. It is a tool in my life for keeping in touch with friends who don’t live near me. It is a space to stay connected with people I dearly love.

I just need to stop allowing it to be the thing that my eyes are set on so much of the time.

A new season is unfolding in my life. My girls are about to be out of school for the summer. My family has found a new church home. There is life to live right in front of me if I will just engage. And when I say right in front of me I don’t mean the various screens that vie for my attention…those are actually just hurting my eyes.

I think its time to give these eyes a break and see what happens when they focus on the things with breath in them…


5 thoughts on “Eye Strain

  1. thiedeann says:

    So you’re going to somewhere other than Harvest? Know whatever it is, it and you will be blessed. By the way, the third quote attributed to Jesus is from Proverbs. But I believe He’d totally agree.

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