5 Minute Friday – Hi Kayla

Oops! Here we are again. Well it is still Friday according to the clock and I have about 5 minutes to spare before midnight. Seems like a good time for a 5 Minute Friday post.

Ready, set, go….

I am so thankful my blogging friend Kayla introduced me to this 5 Minute blogging idea. She’s one smart cookie. Oh, do you know Kayla? Did you know she is engaged? Whoot!!!

Every time I see that picture of hers I smile all over again. She’s one sweet lady and deserves all the best life and God have to offer her and that sweet little girl of hers. Congrats again Kayla!

I really wish I had set the timer before I started this. Now I keep having to glance up at the clock for the time.

I watched Monuments Men tonight. Well, I watched part of it tonight and then I was called upon to put on my taxi driver hat and haul teens from out house to another for a sleepover. I sure hope they don’t stay up all night. An early morning workout is going to get here awfully early if they do. Thankfully that isn’t my early morning workout.

Speaking of workouts…I really need to think about doing one of those. The beach trip is on 3 weeks away.

Goodnight…maybe I’ll dream up a workout.


One thought on “5 Minute Friday – Hi Kayla

  1. Khadija says:

    5 minute …is really gud..m gonna try tht sumday..hehe

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