Just one Breath

As she walked into the room she was hit by the light. She had read about this light. She had known others who possessed this light. She was told that this light was inside her. She longed for that to be true. She longed to see this light shine.

At first the light overwhelmed her. She found herself rocked by its brilliance, yet she could not pull her eyes away. She could not focus on anything else in the room. The light was like a magnet to her soul. It was as if the light she saw was beckoning the light inside her to come out and play.

As her eyes began to adjust to the light, she was able to see others whose lights were not as bright. Others whose lights were flickering beneath the surface. Did they know? Where they aware of the light within them that was also begging to be released? Would they allow their lights to burst into full glory or would they remain hidden behind the veil? Would she allow her light to join the others or hide just beneath the surface begging to be set free?

As she sat there lost in the moment she felt a gentle breeze enter the room and watched as it made contact with the light. Every light in the room began to glow in ever-increasing brilliance from the dimmest to the brightest.

It was in that moment she understood the power of the wind to ignite the flame.


2 thoughts on “Just one Breath

  1. G says:

    Beautifully written!!!

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