No dirt in softball?

Have you ever felt like you were in a cartoon?

Our girls played their softball game on Astroturf today. It might not have been so odd if the grass part of the field was Astroturf and the rest dirt, but the entire field was Astroturf including the brown infield. It looked cool, but it sure did make for an odd game. The softballs slowed way down if hit in the infield and bounced differently than being hit on a regular field. The heat radiating from the field was noticeable and it wasn’t that hot today. That field will be unbearable in the middle of August. It smelled like the girls were playing at an old tire graveyard. Can you imagine what that will be like on a 115 degree day this summer?

I just couldn’t adjust to the game today. There was no dust flying. The runners didn’t really make a sound running for first or sliding onto a base. The sights and sounds were all off. I don’t even recall even hearing the ping of a bat hitting the ground after the runners hit the ball.

It was almost like having live players in the middle of a video game with the sound turned off. One mom described it as being in The Truman Show.

All I know is it wasn’t authentic and it just didn’t work…most things don’t.


3 thoughts on “No dirt in softball?

  1. That sounds really surreal. If you can’t smell the dirt, if you can’t get grass stains on your knees…did it really happen…?

    • Laurie Wade says:

      Oh, it would be nice if we all woke up in the morning to find out it really didn’t happen. A do-over for us on the scoreboard would actually be nice, but authentic or not, life goes on….

  2. Joann says:

    I have never liked astro turf. It takes all the fun away.

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