Take me to the Source!

Not long ago I encouraged someone to check their source on a story they were sharing on social media. I wasn’t completely convinced that all the details being shared as fact were actually factual. I’m still not convinced. It’s pretty easy to believe your source when they are saying what you want to hear. It’s pretty easy not to do any due diligence when you have already made up your mind about the details.

Within days of that conversation I found myself pondering the sources in my life. I found myself questioning who or what I go to when a story is presented to me as fact. I found myself wondering who or what I go to when I have a question about an issue in my life that I need answers to. I started questioning the source I go to first when I have a spiritual question or a heart question. Who or what do I turn to for answers to the important things in life?

My handsome fella just replaced the radiator on our van. (I told you there was likely going to be a lesson here) He has never replaced a radiator on my van, or any other van as far as I know. He had me buy him a maintenance manual for our make and year model. He needed to go to the source to get the correct parts and instructions on how to replace it without ending up with extra parts or not enough. Unfortunately the sources pictures were a bit blurry and confusing and he disconnected the wrong hoses and we now get to spend money replacing Freon for the A/C. In this case having the correct source wasn’t even enough because the direction from that source were unclear and his knowledge was limited to what he was being shown in not so clear terms.

I’ve gone to church my entire life so one would assume I had a pretty good grasp on my source for spiritual and heart questions. Just ask the Pastor or your spiritual mentor. That is what they are there for, right? To give you the answers to all of life’s questions, especially the difficult ones? What happens when they disagree? What happens when their instructions aren’t that clear because they are fallible just like you and me? Okay, so maybe a better source would be the Bible. That is God’s word. Everything you need to know for life and death and eternity should be in there. But why are there so many different interpretations and ways of explaining exactly what it says? Why are there so many translations and transliterations and understandings by various biblical scholars? And why does John 5:39 sound like the ultimate source isn’t the bible? (Don’t shoot me, I’m just asking a question)

You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about me – John 5:39

Hmmm. So if my source isn’t a Pastor or preacher or mighty man of God and it isn’t the Bible itself then what do we do? Where do I go? Who do I ask?

Justin could have contacted the author of the manual to get clarification of the wording and illustrations before he pulled those hoses. He could have called the number in the book and asked for help to clarify.

John 5:39 actually seems pretty clear to me about the most accurate source I could approach for the questions that matter. The One they are written about. The One that wrote the book. In fact if you think about it, what did Jesus do when He needed answers? Did He seek counsel in the church? Did He open a scroll? If I am not mistaken He spent a lot of time with the Source! He spent a lot of time on His knees. He spent a lot of time talking to His Father who is the Source. Actually, a lot of our bible heroes spent time with the very same Source.

I need His written word. I need His church. I need to be connected with both of those sources. I can’t and don’t want to do this life without either of those sources. It wouldn’t be healthy. BUT, if I’m not connecting with the real Source I am not going to have the most accurate information for my life. I am not going to understand how His word applies to me or any of my circumstances. Without a relationship with Him I am just going to be tossed around. Without Him as my source all the answers become a bit too subjective and the lines seem a bit too blurred.


4 thoughts on “Take me to the Source!

  1. “(Don’t shoot me, I’m just asking a question)” How many times have I said this 🙂 Very good article. Good questions!

  2. I find myself asking this same basic question all the time: “What are you telling me? How do you know this? What are your assumptions? How deep do you have to go before you get to bedrock?” I believe it’s a healthy way to live. – Although it does tend to trouble people when you aren’t willing to take their word for something.

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