Book Review: Revived by Kerrie Oles

I have to tell you about a new book I just finished. I actually have several books I’ve needed to tell you about and it occurs to me a regular book review post might be a fun addition to my blog. 🙂

The book I just finished actually inspired yesterday’s post. In fact I planned to write this yesterday and that is what came out of my fingers instead. And like yesterday as I begin to think about the book I can’t help but think about the author and the places her life has intersected on my path and influenced my journey, but that is going to have to be another post for another day because I really want to tell you about her book.

I just finished reading Revived by Kerrie Oles. This book is her life story but it is so much more. It is her story of restoration and redemption and, yes, revival. It is a story of how a good and loving God really can change the most broken heart and transform it into something very beautiful and tender. It is an interactive journey with God into the readers own process of redemption and healing in their own hearts.

Sozo is a Greek word which means saved, healed and delivered. (I’ve included a link to further information on this word here if you’d like to know more.) There is Sozo in every chapter of this book as Kerrie takes you on a journey thru her life and encourages you to meet with God in the middle of your own story. She doesn’t just tell the story so that you will know who she is. She tells the story so that you will know who God is and where He wants to redeem, restore and revive your life and your heart. She has a heart for freedom because of the God she serves and the life He has freed her into and she invites you on that journey with Him.

Do you believe in freedom and redemption? Do you believe God can transform lives and hearts that have been broken? Do you believe people change? Well, I know Kerrie Oles now. I didn’t know the person she talks about in her book. I didn’t know her until two years ago. I only knew of the beautiful person that she has become since God got ahold of her life. I’ve now read her story and I can tell you people do change. There is hope for redemption, restoration and revival. Sometimes we just need a reminder.

And since it is Monday and that usually means music on the blog, I’m including one of Kerrie’s favorite songs. 🙂 It really is her story!


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