H is for Hot!

Once again I have discovered the importance of warning lights. I don’t know about y’all but I seldom pay attention to the needle that moves between the C and the H on the dashboard…seldom as in that thing moves?

Today a light that has never made an appearance decided it wanted to be noticed. “I’m hot!” The needle got into the act too. “Hot with an —-> H!”

Did you know if your engine heats up you can turn on the heater in your car and it will cool off the engine? You’ll have to ask the handsome fella how that works. All I know is he is the mechanic and told me to do that. I did. It worked.

The fella popped the hood when I got home and discovered an empty container that was supposed to be full of radiator fluid. 😳

So, he filled it.

He then went for a drive. He came home, popped the hood and found an empty container. :/

I am very thankful we weren’t on the road in the heat of the summer when we discovered this. That would not be a fun way to spend part of our vacation. I just hope it’s a cheap, easy fix. It does pay to be married to a handsome mechanic. It’s not an airplane but surely there isn’t that much difference.

I’m sure there is going to be a lesson in this for us somewhere.

Stay tuned…


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