Just One Glimpse

She built a life inside her walls only leaving long enough to gather supplies she needed for survival. She felt safe inside her well-built castle. She only invited others in from the safety of the screen in front of her. There she could interact with an outside world that could not touch her. They could not see her reaction to them. They could not see the fear in her eyes. They would not be bothered by the depth of her emotion…or lack. There she could pretend. There she could be whoever she chose to be in that moment…with that stranger across the screen…or friend.

One day as she ventured outside the walls for a few supplies she found herself in a crowded space filled with love and life and laughter she had not known inside those walls. As she passed someone in the crowd her eyes met theirs and she saw a flash of light she had never seen before. Faster than she could look away another had brushed against her and she felt the warmth in their skin. She wanted to run, but she longed to stay.

Another glimpse in those eyes…

Another brush with that warmth…

She knew in that moment the castle would never be the same.


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