Hold My Hand and Look in My Eyes

I wonder if Peter was thinking about how Jesus calmed the storm when he decided to step out of that boat. I wonder if he thought surely He would do the same as he stepped out onto the water? I wonder if his faith would have held if Jesus had calmed the seas as he took his first step? I want faith strong enough to hold my footing in the storm and yet I can give you examples just this week when my faith was weaker than the least resistance and my knees buckled and my feet slipped and I was gasping for air beneath the waves hoping and praying that His hand would reach down and pull me up one more time.

I don’t want to live inside the boat. I don’t want my feet to sink when I step out. Jesus take my hand and teach me how to keep my eyes on you so I can walk on water thru every storm you lead me thru.


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