On or Off the Field

I had no idea that softball would turn out to be a snapshot of a larger story. There are those who exercise and train and get on the field and play. There are those who spend hours coaching those players and preparing them for the game. They spend hours going over plays and player stats and try to put the best team on the field each week. Although they aren’t playing, they are an integral party of the outcome of the game. There are umpires who are on the field making sure the players and coaches are all following the rules of the game. Each one on the field plays a role in the outcome for better or worse.

And then the spectators…

They are family and friends and strangers out to cheer on those who participate. Some of them are just there for the fun. They just enjoy the sport and just want to see a good game. Some don’t have a clue about the rules of the sport but have a heavy dose of feedback for those actually in the game. Some may have been on the field at one time in their lives and are sure their old ideas are still relevant for today even though some rules have changed and some equipment has changed. Some yell at the refs for a bad call or the players for a bad play and never have any intention of getting in the game themselves. Some have no clue at all what is happening on the field because they are too focused on what is happening in the stands.

My least favorite spectator is the critic…the one who judges every player, every coach and every umpire. These spectators are relentless with their judgments and unsolicited advice. They have no intention of being on the field themselves, but they sure have plenty to say to and about those that are and it is seldom constructive.

Who are you in the story of your life? What would it take to change positions?


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