From Pockets to Shoes

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. How many of the things that you do fall into this category? Are you insane or just acting that way? I really don’t know anyone I would label as truly insane. I’m not sure labeling is all that productive anyways, unless we want to start using the labels for people who God intended when He made them and then go ahead. Call out of them what He placed inside them. Label away.

As I was reading thru the highlights in a book I’ve read a couple of times now I started thinking about that insanity definition. I’ve actually got several books that I’ve read multiple times because the truths written in them are life changing, or they could be if adopted as a new way of life. I read them over and over because I want my life to look like the things I find written in those pages. I read them again because I look up from reading and forget what I’ve read and don’t see the fruit in my life of the things I’ve just read so I read it again.

Then I go to the next book because it has more truth that could change my life and my relationships. It has truth that could add a layer of richness to some already great relationships and strengthen some that are struggling a bit…and I re-read it. I re-read the inspiring stories of how the truths written in the book, when implemented, altered the course of someone else’s life…and then I read them again.

Then I take it another step and get the workbook and attend the bible study or host a bible study. I dig deeper into the truths with others wanting their lives changed by the truth in those workbooks. We meet week in and week out and read and discuss and re-read and discuss some more. Then we move on to the next book or workbook with more nuggets meant to enhance our journey.

And on and on we go into the sea of books and workbooks and studies.

And on and on we go doing the same thing expecting different results.

One day we even decide a great conference will do the trick and we spend our money and our time and go and listen and maybe even participate. And then we sign up for the next one…and the next one.

Why did these truths change someone else’s life and not mine? What did they do differently? Maybe it was writing the book that did it. Maybe if we all wrote a book we’d see the fruit of that thing we write about. Maybe we don’t have to write a book. Maybe I could just blog about the changes and the wonderful truths that could change my life. Maybe that would bring on the change. Who has time for that much blogging? Maybe I’ll just post some quick one liners on Facebook. Oh, who has time to think about those. I know I’ll just share other people’s life changing quotes on Facebook. That will usher in the change.

And then the cycle of insanity continues…

I love to read. I love to do workbooks. I love to attend bible studies and conferences. I’ve never written a book, but I like to blog and post on Facebook and share great quotes I read. I just don’t want those things to become part of the cycle of insanity that never produce fruit. I can do all those things sitting on my pockets and never get to my feet and walk them out.

I think it’s time to go for a walk….


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