Air Conditioning…There IS an app for that!

5 Minute Friday…Go!

We are headed into a busy weekend at the Wade house…8th grade formal…Canton Trade Days weekend…Softball tournament…2nd week of Catch the Fire DFW!!!

There is no lack of something to keep this family busy.

We are also anticipating a new air conditioning system to be installed in our house next week with temps expected to heat up to the mid 90s between now and then. Hey! At least it’s not summer and it will cool down into the 60s at night. Maybe we should sleep with the windows open the next few nights.

This fancy new A/C will come complete with a wi-fi controller that we can get access to remotely with an app on our smart phone. I think it’s designed so that you can control it when you are on your way home from vacation and want to walk into a nice cool house. I’m thinking it’s just another good excuse not to have to get up from the couch. Now we can remotely control the t.v. and the air conditioner. I wonder what will be next…remote controlled refrigerators that bring you a snack in the middle of the night?


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