Thankful Thursday: The Power of a Leaf

My youngest got her first pair of glasses this year. She had no idea how bad she needed them until she put them on and could see the detail in the branches of a tree for the first time. I recall a time I got a new prescription and had no idea how blurry the trees had gotten. I knew a tree had leaves, but over time hadn’t realized how blurred my vision had become and how blurred those leaves had become.

This week I was asked to draw an image that reminds me of God’s power and goodness to heal. A few weeks ago I was given the same task.  The pictures are different but have one thing in common…the leaves. The first image included a cross with branches from the Tree of Life growing out of it with the healing leaves growing on the branches. This weeks image was of a single leaf with its healing salve flowing into a heart…my heart.

There have been times in my life that I didn’t give much thought to those leaves or their healing power. I prayed to the One who heals, but with very little faith in those prayers or His desire to really heal. There have been times that I doubted if they even existed. Thankfully He didn’t leave me in that state of unbelief. Thankfully He continues to improve my view of those leaves and His healing power flowing out of them. Thankfully my darkened and blurred vision didn’t make those leaves any less real or powerful.

Thankfully the power in those leaves remains in spite of me!





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