Celebrating New Life

Baby cheeks and baby feet…two of my favorite things. How can you not want to just grab them up and kiss them? I’ve got a friend who just had her 3rd handsome little fella in the wee hours of the morning and I woke to see his cute little face in Facebook land. Such a sweet face to wake up to. I can just imagine how sweet it is for her to wake up after a little nap to that beautiful little bundle of joy in her arms. Congrats, my friend!

I’ve got other friends who are anxiously awaiting the birth of a new “baby”. This one is a ministry that has been on their hearts for a while. I don’t actually know how long, but they will see its birth this coming Saturday as their dream for a church plant becomes a reality. I know they can hardly wait for the arrival! I can hardly wait!

My friend’s family will forever be changed by the birth of her son. She did the hard part to bring him into this world, but her life will not be the only one blessed by his arrival. Family, friends and neighbors will all share space with this new little fella. He will fill in spaces in their hearts with love and joy that only he can occupy and their lives will be richer.

So it will be with this new ministry. Lives will be changed. New ground will be occupied. Hearts will be filled with joy and love because of their efforts to birth the dream in their hearts. God has blessed their dream and caused it to grow. They have seen it thru to this new beginning. Many lives will be forever changed with its birth!

New life just stirs something in my soul!

Congrats Nathan and Hannah and Nana!

Congrats Alan and Nancy!

I look forward to watching McClain and Catch the Fire DFW grow! I look forward to seeing the impact they will both have on the world around them! I pray God’s richest blessings for you all!





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