Catching Bits and Pieces

Yes, I’m still here and still planning to blog daily. I’ve just had a little too much on my plate and a little too little flowing from the thinker down thru the fingers of late. It’s not that I’ve had nothing on my mind to blog, I’ve just had nothing flowing out the fingers. It may be a bumpy start getting this thing flowing again, but I have no intention of giving up my blogging any time soon. Please check back daily and I promise before long there will be something worthy of your time to read. Today you are just getting a stream of consciousness to prime the pump a bit.

Hey! Have any of you other WordPress users been having trouble with your screen jumping around while you are typing? That is a bit annoying!

Well, I better get this softball player to batting practice we have a tournament and our first game to win this Friday night so we need to get those arms loaded up for a home run! 🙂

See you tomorrow!


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