Unveiling the Light

One morning a little girl woke up to discover the world she had always known as real was not real at all. Well, it looked and felt real enough. She could still see blue in the sky and hear the plane flying overhead. She could still smell the bacon frying and taste the sweetness of the apple. She could still feel the carpet under her feet.

But this day she knew there was more. She knew there was more she needed to see. She knew there were important things she needed to hear beyond the plane. She woke up with a sense that there was something with more aroma and much tastier to enjoy. She knew her feet would one day take her to places far beyond her present reality if she would have the courage to go.

She felt a nudge to open the curtains. As she carefully began to pull them to one side a brilliant light flooded her eyes. It was not the sun. It was sometime much more brilliant and much more direct.

And she began to see the world in a whole new way.


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