2048 vs ABC

I’ve opened the blog screen early today. I missed blogging yesterday because I waited too late in the day to get started and the brain cells that connect my thoughts to my fingers had long gone to bed ahead of me. Either that or they had switched to moving numbers around earlier in the day and forgot to switch back to letters. I decided I’d start out the day by exercising the letter moving brain cells and give the number ones a break. Apparently the number moving brain cells are connected in some way to the eyes and those particular number moving eye muscles are very tired this morning. I really intended to actually post daily this week instead of just talk about posting daily. That goal may have slipped by a little early in the week, but there is good news. Since it is early, I can double up today and still post the same number of posts this week. 🙂

This means you will get to read this very random post by the latest blogger to fall prey to the 2048 craze and hopefully one with a little more meat to it later this afternoon after a little coffee and a brain detox.

See you in a bit!


2 thoughts on “2048 vs ABC

  1. I fell asleep (at some point… perhaps a little after 2am) with my iPad in hand pursuing the mythic 2048. I think I dreamt of numbers. Like the day I first discovered tetris.
    How can something so simple be so addicting?

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