The Faces of Springtime

It’s Springtime in Texas. Things are starting to come alive again after a bitter cold winter. People are beginning to prepare their yards for flowers and a fresh new look. One of my neighbors has stripped their entire flower bed down to the dirt. I’m assuming they are getting ready to put in all new plants. I could remove a few plants although a complete do-over like they’ve apparently planned seems a little extreme.

Right now that house sticks out like a sore thumb in our neighborhood. Most houses here have the basic landscaping surrounding the house. There are flower beds filled with shrubs of various shapes and sizes, a few flowers, green grass and 2 or 3 trees. Well, most houses have trees. There is a rule about trees in our neighborhood association bi-laws and if you are an upstanding, law-abiding neighbor you will keep your trees. Yes, there are a couple of rebels in the bunch. I’m actually jealous of the wide open space they have available for things like a game of catch or frisbee without having to venture out into the street. Yes, trees make kids play in the street. I know…that’s not safe. When I was a kid we played in the trees not the street but you know times are different now…keep up…they might break a leg or an arm if they climb a tree.

Besides the naked house, the tree-less yards and the shrub lined houses, there is a house that just looks a mess out front. They are going for the more natural look with plants that are native to the area…I think. Yes, that is it because it does often look like a wild field of tumble weeds or some other assortment of dry weeds. I think they are organic or something.

Oh, then there is the neighbor who prefers to go the opposite of the native plantings. This neighbor is apparently trying to beat the heat and keep colorful flowers all year. Um, excuse me sir, would you please dust off those plastic flowers you’ve planted in your yard? As a matter of fact, they look a little faded, maybe a fresh planting would be in order this year.

I find myself about to embark on a new adventure. I’m heading into a Spring of sorts in my journey. It’s really very exciting to think about and anticipate. It’s a new season for a number of people. We will all look the same since it’s a new season for us all, right? No! I suspect it will look much like the landscape in our neighborhood. Some will be going for a complete do-over. They will be wiping the slate clean for a brand new start. Some will be using this new season to step outside and just play in wide open spaces. Some are likely just looking to spruce things up a bit. Some will bring their messy, dry, parched lives and hope for some refreshing rain to pour down. No doubt some will show up with nothing but their plastic, well or not so well polished, exteriors with little form or substance to back it up. Maybe those people will see the beauty in what’s real and decide to replace the dead, plastic with something full of life.

It’s spring. There is life waking up. There is excitement buzzing in the air. There will be sunshine and rain. There will be calm soaking showers and all out downpours. There will be lightning and wind and hail and fierce tornadoes. Where there is wind and dry parched land, there will be fire….and then new life.

Its Spring! It’s wild! It’s unpredictable! It’s dangerous! It’s alive! Bring it!


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