Get off your pockets…someone needs you!

What comes to your mind when someone says they are going to church? What do you think of when someone says they are part of a local church? What do you think that looks like? If someone said they were looking for community what images would come to mind?

A few weeks ago I posted about how God was reshaping my views of community. You can read that post here. Today He continued to show me what His Kingdom looks like operating outside the walls of a church building.

Today it looked like a phone call from a friend who shared a message from the heart of God with me that helped me climb down out of a tree of angst I had willingly climbed up in and needed a way down.

Today it looked like a friend who cared enough to take time out of her day to guide me thru an important conversation I needed to have with God. A conversation that led to some important healing of my soul and revelation of who He is.

Today it looked like rejoicing with a few friends who recognize that God is bigger than any box we try to fit him in. Rejoicing that we are all on a journey towards more of him.

Today it looked like a friend who recognized something deeper than a status update and took the time to check in.

Today it looked like a whole bunch of friends being the hands and feet and mouth of God outside man-made walls.

I believe in the local church. I think it’s important to get plugged in and serving with a group of Christians you can do life with. I think it’s important to have a group of people you can worship and serve with who can give you a place of accountability. I think it’s important to have fun with a group of like-minded people.

I know each one of the people I mentioned today thru my involvement in a local church even though we don’t all attend the same one on Sunday mornings.

BUT…in order to do the work God had for them to do in the Kingdom, they had to leave the building.  In order to be part of God’s plan, they had to leave the pews and roll up their sleeves.  They had to put the things they heard and believe to work in their daily life. They had to choose to actually do something besides listen to a sermon or attend a bible study or send someone to talk to their preacher.  THEY were the hands and feet!

That is community and it doesn’t happen with your pockets firmly planted in a pew on Sunday morning.

Thank you friends for being His hands and feet.

Thank you Lord for sending these peeps into my life to speak on your behalf!


3 thoughts on “Get off your pockets…someone needs you!

  1. Joann says:

    If I had published my stream of consciousness that I wrote yesterday, our blogs would have mirrored each other! Oh I am just so thankful!

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