Head in the Prayer Closet…Not the Sand

I read an article today about modern-day persecution or alleged persecution of Christians…in our own country…by our own government.  I tend to dismiss these types of articles as fear mongering.  I don’t even usually read them.  In most cases I wouldn’t be able to stop whatever atrocity they are claiming so why burden my heart with them.  My God is bigger than any weapon that could be formed against me…even if it kills me.

I’m not so naïve to think that it couldn’t happen.  It has happened in other countries.  There is historical precedence for it.  It is happening today in other parts of the world.


It doesn’t change who I am.  It’s not going to change what I say.  It’s not going to change what I believe or who I pray to or when.  It might influence what I pray.  It might even increase my prayer life.

I think I’ll go back to skipping those articles and keep living the life He has given me to live, spreading His light and love to my little corner of the world…and internet.  So far I’ve still got that right!

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