When Peace Settles In

Have you ever felt peace that passes understanding?

Have you ever felt the Healers touch?

Have you ever felt the shift inside that takes away the pain?

Are you aware of the moments when your perspective changes?

Do they happen in a moment like a snap or is it a slow steady motion and you realize you’ve turned to a whole new view?

I wonder if it happens while you are seeking His face?

Is that when He changes your sight?

Is that when he alters your view?

Is it a process?

Is it a moment?

Is it a miracle?

Is it a healing?

Is that what growth looks like?

Is that what maturity looks like?

Is that what glory to glory is about?

Is that what it means to become more like him?

That is what has happened to me as I consider my journey. A peace has settled into my spirit that I can’t explain apart from His healing touch. He has given me a new picture of family and community and what that looks like in my life. It is a different view from the one I had a couple of years ago.

Over the past few years my views have been altered a bit. I have moved from a view of the church as related to a group of people meeting in a specific building to one that is about people who are part of a Kingdom much larger than any walls could ever contain. The truth is the Kingdom is not defined by the building you worship in any more than your family is defined by your physical address. Seriously, how many of the people you would name as family live under one roof? My mom is still my mom even though we live hours apart. My dad did not stop being my dad when I moved off to college. They didn’t stop being my parents when I married and took on a new last name. Their roles in my life forever changed but they are still family. When I married, my family expanded but the old did not become less family to me.

I have friends who will forever be family to me. We met in a building, but that building does not define our relationship. Our family felt called to worship at a different location, but we did not stop being family. We still laugh together. We still pray together. We still cry together. There are probably still times we irritate the crap out of each other. We are siblings in the Kingdom. Siblings tend to do that to each other from time to time.

My family includes them and others who God has been placing in our path. New friends to laugh and cry and pray with and for. New siblings in the Kingdom. I don’t have the history with these new friends that I have with my old ones. Only time will tell what kinds of memories and relationships are built. Only time will tell how our lives are meant to fit together in the bigger picture of the Kingdom.

But one thing I know is true, my community continues to change. It continues to expand and contract. Each of us playing the part God has for us in the greater story.

My spiritual family and community has grown to include people who gather in multiple locations on any given Sunday. It includes people in different towns. It includes people who express themselves in worship in a variety of ways. It includes friends from my past, my present and no doubt friendships who have only just begun to develop.

Not long ago I was afraid I would never have community again. I found myself wanting to limit time spent with my old friends because of the overwhelming sense of loss when we were apart. But God has given me a new vision for what He has for me. He has given me a new vision for what my community is going to look like and it is rich with His sons and daughters who live and laugh and love….no matter where they are on Sunday morning.

I love His Kingdom and His kids and can’t wait to see what this ever expanding community He has given me across the miles is going to look like. I am thankful for the peace He has given me as I see the unique community He is developing all around me.


One thought on “When Peace Settles In

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