What’s in Your Anchor?

What comes to your mind when you think of an anchor? Have you ever thought about what keeps your feet on the ground? Do you have a safe haven when the storms of life come your way? Do you have a go to place when you need rest for your soul? Is it a person, place or thing? Do you find safety in your church, your family or your friends? Have you ever looked to food or a bottle or shopping to keep you from climbing a tree or jumping off a ledge? Where do you turn when you need answers for a physical, emotional or spiritual trauma…no matter the size?

What about me? Where do I turn? What comes to my mind?

I was recently given an assignment to create an image on paper of God’s power and goodness to heal as a visual reminder of who He is and who I am. It is to be a visual reminder of Him as my safe anchor. I’m thankful for the prompt because it helped me focus on the truth of who He is and what he has always been for me personally. It’s good to have these truths in the forefront of my mind.

He is the Tree of Life with leaves for healing…

I am rooted in the finished work on the Cross…

Streams of Living water flow from His thrown in me and thru me…

The fire in His eyes burns away all the impurities in my life…

The fire of His Spirit consumes me…

His promises and thoughts of me connect me to him in the deepest parts of who I am…

He has anchored me in fearlessness…

He has anchored me as his beloved…

He sees me as becoming…

He has placed His light inside me to shine on others…

He has rescued me from every curse ever spoken over my life…

These are the truths that replace the lesser things I am often tempted to grab when I need an anchor. Some of these things aren’t even bad. In fact, they are necessary and important, but not the best anchor material.







Essential Oils

Fast Food

What would your anchor look like?


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