Experiencing Beauty

I just enjoyed a week full of lunch dates, Spirit-filled conversations and community. As I think back on it I am thankful for all the people God continues to place on this journey called life that He planned for me. I am thankful for the ways my life and journey intersects with some of His other kids.

I could tell any number of stories this week. I could share how God introduced me to a new friend I wasn’t seeking. I could tell you how he placed a Facebook friend in front of me for prayer. I could tell you how he has worked to reunite old friendships for a new season. I could share a story of a journey towards greater freedom and healing into hearts that God wants to touch with his love. I could share a little of what God is doing in my family. And the list goes on.

Today I want to tell you how God used a little girl to bless my heart and open my eyes to a little more wonder. Kids are great at that stuff. This little one has a gift of seeing the world around her. She has as long as I have known her.

We scheduled to meet up for lunch.  A prior appointment ran over and I went ahead and grabbed something to eat. I sat in my car and checked email and chatted with friends and pretty much had my eyes on a little screen for the better part of 30 minutes.

They arrived and we went inside so they could eat and play on the indoor playground and her mom and I could catch up on life. I found a table while her mom went to order the food. My little friend came over and sat down with me to wait. I hadn’t noticed a vase of flowers sitting on the table but my little friend did, immediately. She stuck her little nose in the flowers to take in their beauty. She wasn’t content to admire them from a distance. She wanted to experience them. She sat there with her eyes closed taking in those flowers for a while.

When she looked up with a smile I asked her if she liked flowers. Her face lit up and she told me how much she loves them. She told me she runs to smell them when she sees one. I do not doubt her claim.

Then she told me about the flowers you blows on to make a wish. “Dandelions?” YES! She said she found one yesterday and with a wide sweeping motion of her hands and a little squeal in her voice and a twinkle in her eyes she said she had wished for this and it happened. The “this” she had wished for was lunch with me. 🙂

I love that little girl! I love that she isn’t so distracted by the thoughts in her head and technology that she misses the flowers and the dandelions. I love that she recognizes good things in her life as dreams come true. I love that she wishes upon dandelions.  I love imagining the sparkle in her eyes when she does.

The enemy tried his hardest to steal that little girls spark and he did not succeed. She is a little ball of energy and life and love. She is a blessing to me as I watch her experience the beauty around her.

May we all learn from her!



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