What will that one be?

Yesterday I found myself completely full after spending a week gobbling up a good book followed by a marriage seminar packed full of information. My head really couldn’t take anymore. I had been feeling that way before I even started this book, but it seemed that God had some things he needed me to read in that book, NOW, so I did.

It’s been a while since I’ve been at a point where I just want to take a break from input, but that is the place I found myself yesterday. I just needed some time to process. I needed some time to sit with God and sort thru it all. Do you ever get to that point?

Today I found a chunk of time where I could just sit and process. I picked up Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets.  I have been slowly digesting this one because it is very rich and I want to savor every bite. I opened the book and this is what jumped off the pages at me:

“Spiritual information seeds must grow into fruit-producing revelation.”

Yes, my head and heart are jam-packed with spiritual information seeds. I put down the book. I’ve been on a journey for a while gathering all kinds of information. I’ve been in new environments learning new information. I’ve seen and experienced new things. I’ve seen and experienced and heard new ways of looking at old information. I’ve been positioned to receive. I’ve asked for revelation.

Yesterday I got a little poetic about the need to take all the information I’d received and have a little sit down, come to Jesus meeting with Him about all of it.  Today when I sat down to do just that and found myself grabbing for more information, He gently pointed me back to what He is up to.  He gently pointed me to his desire for all that has been poured into me.  His timing is impeccable!

So, tonight I ponder the seeds.  I ponder the types of seeds and the kind of soil they each need in order to grow.  I ponder what makes for a healthy environment for each of these seeds.  They aren’t all exactly the same.  They aren’t all meant to produce exactly the same type of plant.  Some will produce annuals.  Some will produce perennials.  Some will grow up into fruit bearing plants.  Some will produce flowers.  Some are mysterious and I have no idea what they may produce, although I am sure it will be beautiful since they were planted by Him.  It also occurs to me tonight that not all plants are meant for every season and I would be mistaken to think that these seeds would all sprout at the same time.  I would imagine that God is so good that he has planted seeds to grow and bloom in each season of my life.  Seeds that he has been busy planting all along the journey.

So, for a little while longer, I will rest from data entry and just see what “fruit-producing revelation” He wishes to bring up out of the ground He has been planting into.


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