Music Monday: Sweet Dreams

This feels more like a Thankful Thursday post than a Music Monday.  I’m sitting here inside a warm house while a cold drizzle falls outside.  There is a low roar on Facebook discussing whether or not we will have school tomorrow.  It is cold and wet here in Texas, so you really never know.  I guess we will get the 5:30am wake up call to let us know.  Yes, they do that in our school district to let us know they aren’t canceling school.  🙂

I usually do one of two things for Music Monday.  I either find a song and blog to go along with it, or I blog and find a song to fit.  Tonight I thought I’d just share what strikes me as fitting for a warm cozy evening.

I think I’ll go throw on some warm pjs and curl up on the couch with a book.  Who knows, I might just drift off to dream land.  I did get a new essential oil that says its good for dreaming.  🙂


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