The Ultimate Assignments

What’s your assignment?  What part are you called to play in this life?  What part are you called to play in your family?  What part are you called to play in your church?  What part are you called to play in your friendships?  What part are you called to play at work?  What part are you called to play in the lives of strangers you meet each day?

Do you wake up each morning ready to meet that assignment?  Do you ever wonder if you are actually doing the thing that God has for you to do each day?  Do you ask Him?

Have you ever considered that everyone around you is on an assignment?

I recently got to hear a good friend talk about an assignment she had been given by God and how the enemy had tried to steal and distort it.  Thankfully she was plugged into God as her source and didn’t miss it.  She would have missed something very important to Him, to those she served and for her own heart.  Something else curious happened with that assignment.  While the enemy was trying to speak lies to her, he was trying to speak lies to others.  He was being very crafty.  The enemy had a few assignments of his own thru those events.  Many of them were thwarted.  Most of his arrows missed their mark, but not all.  He had one aimed at me and it hit me square on because I wasn’t plugged in to the right source.  I wasn’t looking at the bigger picture.  I was looking at my unmet needs and desires.  I couldn’t see beyond my part of the story.

Thankfully God is the master healer.  Thankfully he is the master story-teller.  Thankfully he was able to put me in the right place and time to receive the truth about that event and heal a place in me that the enemy meant for evil.

Who are you listening to?  Who are you getting your assignments from?  Are you willing to listen?  Are you willing to push thru your own questions in order to do the things God calls you to do?  Are you willing to walk out His plans not fully understanding them?  My friend did and she was blessed and her friends were blessed and God received the glory.

Are you willing to sacrifice in order to fulfill His daily call on your life?

You are on an assignment from one source or another.  Please check your source!  Others are counting on you!  He is counting on you!


2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Assignments

  1. ann martin says:

    to laurie you are a very good writer and I am very proud of you. this was a good lesson for this day keep up the good work. Love MOM

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